How to Legally Shoot People in Canada

I peered around the corner, watching carefully for the sniper that I knew was watching for me. I pulled back, as the bullet smashed into the wall above my head. I could hear my blood drumming inside of me as I waited for what seemed to be inevitable. All of a sudden,  it happened. My head […]

Fun Ways to Celebrate Spring in Regina

Fun ways to celebrate the arrival of spring in Regina It’s officially spring, which means that the weather is warming up. The days are longer and the snow is mostly gone. I love this time of year! I remember when my kids were small, they would run through puddles for hours. And hours. And hours. […]

What’s so great about Wascana Park anyway?

What’s so great about Wascana Park? When I think of Wascana Park, I think of beautifully maintained grass and flowers, a majestic Legislative Building, noisy geese and captivating monuments. I remember driving around and around Wascana Park when I was a teenager. Well, actually we would cruise up and down Albert Street, turning around in […]

My Resistance Training Journey

“Promise me you’ll always remember: You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.: –  A. A. Milne It’s time… I consider myself to be fairly intelligent (some might disagree, but haters are gonna hate). I read a lot and I can research almost anything. That is why I […]

Ryan of Strength Effect talks Resistance Training

  “Muscle is the window to your body’s health. As we age, we lose muscle mass as early as the age of 20 – 15 for women – if we don’t do anything to preserve it.” Ryan Barker, owner of Strength Effect   Ryan Barker Ryan Barker is proof that everyone has a calling. His is […]

8 Ways to get fit around Regina (no gym required)

I have recently started a new fitness program at Strength Effect. You can read about the start of it in a week on this blog :). However, sometimes I want to do other activities that incorporate fitness and having fun. I went looking for some ways to get fit without stepping into a gym,and I […]