Where to Find The Freshest Fresh Produce in Regina

Produce is Abundant Right Now So Enjoy It! If there is one thing that I love about this time of year, it’s the availability and abundance of fresh produce in Regina. I thought it might be fun to give you some of the places you can find the freshest and best produce. Go Straight to […]

Why Shop Local?

Let’s Give Saskatchewan Businesses Some Love! Without realizing it, I kind of had a theme going for the I Heart Regina blog this summer—it was a shop local theme, and it really made me think about the importance of supporting our local businesses. Why Shop Local Every community has business owners that benefit when consumers […]

Are the Saskatchewan Roughriders Too Thirsty for Sponsorship Money?

What’s Going on at Mosaic Stadium? Can I just say that I am a fan of the Saskatchewan Roughriders? I’ve been going to Rider games, both as a fan and as a volunteer since I was young. I even did a Good-Bye post for the old Mosaic Stadium with some of my memories. And I’m […]

11 Ways to act like a Tourist in Regina this Summer

Be a Tourist in Regina and enjoy all the City has to Offer! Whether you are a tourist in Regina or are a long-time resident, it’s fun to enjoy some of Regina’s attractions. Our summer is pretty short, so we have to pack as much as we can into it. But there’s no reason why […]

The Best Places to Enjoy Gluten Free Baking in Regina

Where can you find good gluten free baking in Regina? It’s no secret that I love to eat bread and baked products. I wish I craved a steak the way I crave a cupcake! But I can’t eat gluten – I won’t bore you with the details, but if you ever see me and I […]

Why is the Milky Way so Loved in Regina?

There is a tradition in Regina. It’s not officially spring until the Milky Way opens up. I went to the Milky Way when I was a kid. We would pull up to the Sherwood Credit Union where my parents did their banking. The old wood paneled station wagon didn’t have air conditioning but we didn’t […]

Cafe Francais – One of Regina’s Hidden Gems

If you haven’t tried Cafe Francais, you should! Writing has opened my world up immensely. I’ve met some fantastic people and visited some amazing places. I went to Cafe Francais on Easter Sunday to take photos for an article I’m doing for Tourism Regina (I will link it once it’s published). I talked to one […]

Birmingham’s Vodka and Ale House

Last week, I talked about the Best Burgers in Regina. I know what you are thinking: how I suffer for my craft! It’s a hard job, but I do it for you! So, Dave and I went to Birmingham’s Vodka and Ale House for research. It was delicious. I’ve always liked Birmingham’s. Maybe it’s because […]

The Best Burgers in Regina

In honour of Fuddruckers opening last week, I thought I should talk burgers! It’s not the ideal weather for barbecuing, so in order to indulge our craving for a patty squished between two halves of a bun, we have to head to one of Regina’s many restaurants. In order to come up with all of […]

Downtown Date Night at the Globe Theatre

Downtown Date Night in Regina My hubby, Dave, and I like to go out on a date once a month. You might think that because our kids are older and they can fend for themselves for dinner, we might go out every weekend, but that doesn’t happen. So I enjoy our once a month dates. […]