Hikes Near Regina

5 Amazing Hikes Near Regina In this wide and vast province of ours, there is no shortage of amazing things to see. We have the Qu’Appelle Valley, lots of beautiful lakes, pretty crop fields that look like a picture, and tons more. I enjoy getting close to nature, seeing up close the beauty that is […]

The Power of Perfect Brows

Ladies, can you imagine never having to put makeup on? I am always on the lookout for people who do interesting things for a living, and I’ve been super fortunate to meet some people who are doing what they love. One of the people I met who is loving making women feel amazing is Carla […]

7 Lifestyle Shows you can attend in Regina over the next 2 months

7 Lifestyle shows you can attend in Regina in February and March   Woo hoo It’s time for the “lifestyle” shows! The winter and spring are the time of year when your fav lifestyle shows are put on for your drinking and shopping pleasure. The winter might not be the best time of year in Saskatchewan (or Canada […]

Take your cooking from bland to bold with Schoolhaus Culinary Arts

Schoolhaus Culinary Arts My family had an early Christmas gathering on the weekend. I made the turkey and all that stuff and my mom and sister brought pies (pies are kind of a thing in my family – I even posted about my mom’s awesome Saskatoon pie recipe). The pie that my sister brought was […]

Why a dog really is your best friend and where you can adopt your own in Regina

I always had a dog when I was growing up. First, there was Sucker (don’t judge – my sister named her!), and then we got our dog Brandy from the Regina Humane Society. When Dave and I had kids, we eventually got our awesome dog, Rex, who is also known as the tiny dog with […]

Pamper Yourself at Bath Goddess

Pamper yourself at Regina’s own Bath Goddess! Walking into Bath Goddess is a delight for anyone who loves pampering their skin – which you may recall I definitely do. The shop is beautiful, with baskets of bath bombs, rows of rubber ducks, and cute displays awaiting your viewing pleasure. Bath Goddess is the brain child of […]

Your Guide to the November, 2016 Craft Sale and Trade Show Circuit in Regina

Regina Craft Sales and Trade Shows I love going to craft and trade sales. I always find some great stuff that I didn’t even know I needed (wanted, whatever). And I think November is the best month for craft sales  as there are multiple sales every weekend in November. You better budget your money and […]

An Afternoon at Coco Nail Lounge

An Afternoon at Coco Nail Lounge You know, there is nothing wrong with taking some time for yourself. I know that sometimes it seems like we shouldn’t indulge ourselves, but I have come to the realization that I am a better mother, wife, friend and employee when I take the time to do things that […]

A Chat with Todd from Flex Massage

“Good posture is related to muscle balance, not postural awareness” – Todd Rintoul  Flex Massage Therapy Todd Rintoul is not your average massage therapist. Educated first with a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Kinesiology (the study of human movement), followed by a registered massage therapy course and mixed with certificates including a teacher of adult […]