150 Reasons why Canada Rocks – Interesting Facts about Canada Edition

Happy 150th Birthday Canada!

Here are my favourite interesting facts about Canada

In this last post about my 150 reasons why Canada is the best place on earth, I am telling you some interesting facts about Canada. Just random things you may or may not know.

Interesting facts about Canada

Marysville Falls, British Columbia
  1. Our Olympians stash a lucky loonie in various places during the Olympic games – it’s been at center ice, buried in the sand at beach volleyball, and at the 18th hole.
  2. There’s evidence that the Vikings settled in Newfoundland
  3. Canada allowed same-sex marriage long ago, in 2005 in fact. It’s a non-issue for most of us
  4. Here in Saskatchewan, we call hoodies bunny hugs. Wouldn’t you rather snuggle into a bunny hug than a hoody?
  5. People in Churchill Manitoba leave their car doors unlocked in case anyone is being chased by a polar bear and needs an escape
  6. Our health care, while not perfect, allows everyone to be treated equally, regardless of income
  7. We proudly wear our maple leafs when we leave Canada. Most of us have backpacks and suitcases with the maple leaf somewhere on it
  8. Our cities rank as some of the most livable – Vancouver is the only North American city in the top 10
  9. You might be able to get a McLobster sandwich at a McDonald;s in the Maritimes
  10. Birds might winter somewhere warm, but they summer right here in Canada – ok not all of them, but if you look at the sky in April, it’s usually full of birds migrating
  11. With a few exceptions (I’m looking at you, Toronto) our air is pure and clean, without a bunch of that smog nastiness
  12. Our national animal is the beaver, a rodent-like creature that causes water problems
  13. You are more likely to die in a car accident in the US than in a car accident in Canada. Americans have an average of almost one gun per person, while we have about a third of that
  14. You sometimes have to drive a long time to see another person, especially in the prairies
  15. Almost a third of Canada is forest
  16. And 10% of the world’s forest is in Canada
  17. Montreal is the second largest French speaking city after Paris
  18. At almost 244,000 km, Canada has the world;s longest coastline
  19. An average of 247 car accidents a year involve moose
  20. More Slurpees are sold in one Canadian city than any other in the world. And that city is Winnipeg, home to some ridiculously cold winters. I guess it doesn’t matter when you have a hankering for a Slurpee!
  21. Alberta is rat free. They have an actual patrol to keep rats out of the province. I think that’s a great thing for every province to adopt.
  22. License plates in Nunavut used to be shaped like polar bears
  23. Our sin tax is high – but it pays for health care. If you drink and smoke a lot, you probably use the health care system more, so it really evens itself out
  24. You can’t smoke inside of a public building in Canada
  25. 80% of the alcohol consumed in Canada is beer
  26. A fifth of the world’s fresh water is in Canada
  27. Canada has more doughnut shops per capita than anywhere else
  28. Nanaimo BC has an annual bathtub race
  29. Our official sport is lacrosse. Not hockey. That’s odd to me
  30. But we did invent hockey. Naturally
  31. The RCMP’s Musical Ride has been entertaining Canadians and tourists for more than 130 years
  32. $100 bills are rumored to smell like maple syrup in Canada…I rarely see any but I can confirm that $5 bills don’t smell like anything good
  33. We get a full year off for maternity leave. Paid maternity leave
  34. The most successful Canadian film ever made…Porky’s (shake my head)
  35. We actually do say “eh” or as I like to say “hey” but I don’t think the “aboot” thing is real. You can’t convince me we say that!
  36. A Canadian hospital made a room “extraterritorial” or international so that a Dutch princess could be born a full Dutch citizen – a requirement for her to retain her title
  37. Now the Dutch government sends Ottawa tons of tulip bulbs every year in gratitude
  38. We won’t let the Westboro Baptist Church members into Canada because they want to enter to picket funerals and practice hate. Go CANADA!
  39. Quebec CIty is the only walled city in North America
  40. In honour of Canada’s anniversary, the Royal Canadian Mint is coming out with a glow in the dark coin
  41. A Canadian invented insulin
  42. In an effort to get the best possible value from their cattle, some people in Canada eat prairie oysters. I don’t, but some crazy ass people do
  43. Moose Jaw Saskatchewan is known as Little Chicago because folklore has it that Al Capone lived there between 1919 and 1930. You can go to Moose Jaw and check out some of the underground tunnels
  44. The first UFO landing pad was built in 1967 in Alberta. No word on whether or not it was ever used
  45. Canada has the ninth lowest population density in the world
  46. In Nova Scotia, the world’s largest (documented) lobster was caught. At 9.3 kg, it was probably big enough to feed a family of 10!
  47. Molson Coors Canada is the oldest brewery in North America. They still brew beer at the site of their original brewery
  48. Canadians eat more than 23 pounds of cheddar cheese annually
  49. The Hudson’s Bay Company is one of the oldest corporations in the world
  50. Canada is home to 15 million cattle, more than half of which live on the prairies

I had the best time writing my 150 interesting facts about Canada! I hope you enjoyed it! Make sure you show your Canadian pride on July 1st at one of the many celebrations going on around the country.

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Regina Saskatchewan cemetary

interesting facts about Canada

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