How to Legally Shoot People in Canada

I peered around the corner, watching carefully for the sniper that I knew was watching for me. I pulled back, as the bullet smashed into the wall above my head. I could hear my blood drumming inside of me as I waited for what seemed to be inevitable. All of a sudden,  it happened. My head pulled back in shock, as the bullet smashed into my ear. My hand reflexively reached for the side of my head and came away wet. I knew the end was here – the yellow paint on my hand was proof that I’d been shot and my paintball game was over. That was a quick 60 seconds.

Yes, I went paintballing.

n20 paintball

Paintballing for Everyone

I’ve never even held a gun before, much less one that can shoot a little paint pellet 100 yards (I just made that up, I have no idea how far a paintball can travel). We were invited to N20 Paintball for an afternoon. I will do almost anything once, plus the Haus kids were more than happy to invite some friends, so we away we went.

N20 Paintball is located east of Regina on the Number 10 Highway towards Fort Qu’Appelle,  probably about 20 minutes from Regina. It’s well marked and easy to find. My first surprise was that it was really picturesque out there. I was imagining a wasteland of nothingness, but you drive on a tree-lined, hilly road to get there, and there’s a little lake that you can see when you pull up to the field.

Our afternoon started with us getting into some coveralls, and then we got a safety lesson. Just so you know, you can’t shoot the guns blindly around a corner, nor can you shoot a paintball gun from your hip. I was kinda disappointed about the hip shooting part because I think I would look like the bad ass I am (in my head anyway) if I could shoot a gun like that. I know, I’m wrong, but allow me my imagination.

paintball regina

Once the owner, Fergus, was satisfied that nobody was going to lose an eye, we headed out to the first field. It was a “simple” game of once you are out, you’re out. There were 4 buildings and each team was placed opposite of the other team. Once they yelled “go”, we were supposed to shoot each other. In my brilliance, I  thought I would run for one of the empty buildings right away before the other team was organized. Yeah, that game lasted for about 30 seconds because, apparently, the other team started out organized.

Our next game was a simple capture the flag. I got lost in the woods and the other team won.

The final game was a castle game. Two of us were zombies and we had to try to capture the castle. Fergus made me be a zombie and I may never forgive him. I won’t go into details, but let’s just say that my own son shot me multiple times and by the end, I was a zombie that would rather have a drink than shoot anyone.

paintball regina

Paintballing is actually fun

It may or may not be a surprise to you, but I wasn’t looking forward to paintballing. It’s not really my thing, nor was it anything that I ever dreamed about doing. But I actually had a blast paintballing! I got shot (multiple times) and I found a tick on me, but I laughed all afternoon. Plus there’s no way it wasn’t a great workout because I was sore for the next two days!

Special thanks to my children’s friends who came out and shot me: Haylee, Emma, Chris, Joel, and Braedyn. I am going to get revenge. It may not be today, it may not be tomorrow, but it will happen!

n20 paintball

N20 Paintball is open to anyone who wants to go

Want to shoot people? You can go to N20 Paintball all summer long. You can even take your dad for Father’s Day if you want – maybe let him shoot you once since it’s supposed to be his day. They also do birthday parties, team windups, bachelor parties, or team building events. You can find N20 Paintball here.

paintball regina

paintball regina

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