The Best Places to Enjoy Gluten Free Baking in Regina

Where can you find good gluten free baking in Regina? It’s no secret that I love to eat bread and baked products. I wish I craved a steak the way I crave a cupcake! But I can’t eat gluten – I won’t bore you with the details, but if you ever see me and I […]

Why is the Milky Way so Loved in Regina?

There is a tradition in Regina. It’s not officially spring until the Milky Way opens up. I went to the Milky Way when I was a kid. We would pull up to the Sherwood Credit Union where my parents did their banking. The old wood paneled station wagon didn’t have air conditioning but we didn’t […]

I Heart Regina is celebrating Spring with a Contest!

It’s contest time at I Heart Regina!   Edited May 16: Starla is the big winner! Make sure you watch for the next  I Heart Regina contest! I cannot tell you how excited I am to have my first ever contest! I wanted to do this for a while, but it took some time to […]

Cafe Francais – One of Regina’s Hidden Gems

If you haven’t tried Cafe Francais, you should! Writing has opened my world up immensely. I’ve met some fantastic people and visited some amazing places. I went to Cafe Francais on Easter Sunday to take photos for an article I’m doing for Tourism Regina (I will link it once it’s published). I talked to one […]

3 Super Interesting Places an hour (or so) East of Regina

Tons to see and do East of Regina I love to travel. Even if I’m going somewhere in Saskatchewan on a short road trip, I’m happy. Although most of Saskatchewan is kinda flat, there is still tons to see and do here, and east of Regina has some amazing scenery – take your camera if […]

Fun Ways to Celebrate Spring in Regina

Fun ways to celebrate the arrival of spring in Regina It’s officially spring, which means that the weather is warming up. The days are longer and the snow is mostly gone. I love this time of year! I remember when my kids were small, they would run through puddles for hours. And hours. And hours. […]

The Best Multicultural Restaurants in Regina

AKA How to travel without leaving the city In Regina, we are incredibly fortunate because of the many options we have for eating out. And we are extra lucky because even if we can’t afford a holiday away from Saskatchewan, we can head to some fantastic restaurants right here in the Queen CIty that allow […]

Mommy Connections – a resource for new moms!

Help is here for new moms! I get to meet all sorts of people because I have a blog. It’s awesome. Sometimes I meet them through my Facebook or Twitter pages, and sometimes people contact me wanting to connect through I Heart Regina. That was the case with Jaclyn Roach. Jaclyn is a relatively new mom, […]

Birmingham’s Vodka and Ale House

Last week, I talked about the Best Burgers in Regina. I know what you are thinking: how I suffer for my craft! It’s a hard job, but I do it for you! So, Dave and I went to Birmingham’s Vodka and Ale House for research. It was delicious. I’ve always liked Birmingham’s. Maybe it’s because […]

ITUNA Saskatchewan is a Kraft Hockeyville Finalist!

Updated 03/18/2017 If there is one thing that’s a Canadian cliché, it’s hockey. If you go abroad, many people think we all play hockey (and live in igloos, but that’s a whole other article!). Of course, not everyone in Canada plays hockey, but it is a prevalent sport around here. My son played until the […]