A Road Trip to Kimberley British Columbia

A Road Trip to Kimberley BC As much as I love Regina, I also really enjoy going on a trip. A good road trip is a favorite of mine, particularly to somewhere that has different topography than the prairies. I think that you can appreciate your home more when you go away. I never love my […]

Cathedral Village Graffiti: Art or Vandalism?

The Backstory The Cathedral Village was once overrun with spray painting vandals. Ok, maybe not overrun, but there were definitely some unwanted graffiti symbols on the sides of houses, businesses and churches. Some community members, tired of repainting their homes, garages and garbage cans, decided to be more ingenious. They commissioned some street artists to paint the […]

Spotlight on Kneaded Gluten Free Bakery

Kneaded Gluten Free Bakery   Sarah Clemens did not set out to be a baker. She was a dental assistant until she was diagnosed with celiac disease, which is basically an allergy to gluten. Unwilling to give up baked goods, or eat the (not appetizing) gluten free bread products that were on the market, she eventually decided […]

Food, Drinks, Music and Shopping – Market Under the Stars

Market Under the Stars There is little that I enjoy more than being outside on a beautiful summer evening. If that beautiful evening involves food and drinks, that is like the trifecta of awesomeness. The Market Under the Stars makes that possible for the residents of Regina. We went to the Market Under the Stars […]

A Visit to these 8 Patios in Regina will make your Summer!

a visit to These 8 Patios in Regina will make your summer! I love sitting outside on a patio, with a drink in my hand and good friends surrounding me. I honestly don’t think it can get much better than that. So I often make my restaurant choices based upon whether or not there is […]

A Walk down 13th Avenue in Cathedral Village

A Walk down 13th Avenue in Cathedral Village One of my favorite areas in Regina is Cathedral Village. Although it is a part of the city, it feels like a its own small community. Completely self contained, there is no need for residents to leave the confines of one of the oldest and most historic areas. Rich in […]

The Very Best Saskatoon Pie Recipe

The Very Best Saskatoon Pie Recipe My favorite desserts are cheesecake and pie. Specifically Baileys cheesecake and Saskatoon pie. My mom makes really good pie. At Thanksgiving, she makes everyone’s favorite pie. She makes lemon meringue pie for my sister, and flapper pie for her boyfriend. She makes chocolate pie for my kids and apple […]

My Resistance Training Journey

“Promise me you’ll always remember: You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.: –  A. A. Milne It’s time… I consider myself to be fairly intelligent (some might disagree, but haters are gonna hate). I read a lot and I can research almost anything. That is why I […]

6 Free Activities to Do in Regina in the Summer

“I’ll do anything for free stuff.” Sandra Bullock   Free Activities in Regina to do in the summer Life is expensive. Everything costs money, and usually lots of it. I think that because the summer in Regina is so short, we feel the need to cram as much enjoyment into it as possible. Since enjoyment usually equals […]

Ryan of Strength Effect talks Resistance Training

  “Muscle is the window to your body’s health. As we age, we lose muscle mass as early as the age of 20 – 15 for women – if we don’t do anything to preserve it.” Ryan Barker, owner of Strength Effect   Ryan Barker Ryan Barker is proof that everyone has a calling. His is […]