The Power of Perfect Brows

  1. Ladies, can you imagine never having to put makeup on?

I am always on the lookout for people who do interesting things for a living, and I’ve been super fortunate to meet some people who are doing what they love. One of the people I met who is loving making women feel amazing is Carla van Heerden, who owns QC Studio, a permanent makeup and eyebrow microblading salon in Regina.

QC Studio is located inside of Brown Sugar Tanning and Day Spa on Dewdney Avenue.

permanent makeup

Carla van Heerden in front of Brown Sugar Day Spa

Touring QC Studio

As I walked into Brown Sugar Tanning and Day Spa, the old building captivated me. Original wood floors, big old windows,  and exposed brick charmed the pants off of me! I met Carla at Brown Sugar, and she took me for a tour of her little spot inside Brown Sugar, where she makes women feel like a million bucks.

One of the things I noticed first was how sterile and clean Carla’s salon was. It was immaculate. I like that in a salon.

Carla loves making women feel amazing! She’s dedicated her working life to this worthy pursuit. She started with a makeup artistry certificate in 2009 at Richards Beauty School, followed by aesthetics at Hands of Distinction, and then a year ago she decided to take a course on lash extensions at Avant Garde Beauty College and permanent makeup at Bio-Touch Alberta. She feels it’s important to keep up with the latest beauty trends, which is why she’s always taking training.

Carla offers all permanent makeup services that include eyeliner, lip liner or full lip tattoo,  and eyebrow tattooing and microblading. The eyebrow tattooing can be either shading a solid color that appears as a powdered finish and the brow microblading is individual hair strokes to fill in natural brows. She can also micro blade beauty spots and freckles as well. That’s right, you can add a beauty spot just like Kate Upton or Cindy Crawford.

permanent makeup

What does this mean for women?

I don;t know about you, but every day I paint my eyebrows on my face. I have eyebrows (I’m not an over-plucker), but they aren’t the same shade of brown as my hair. It;s shocking, I know, to hear that my hair color is not my own! I also put eyeliner and lipstick on. And I readily admit that it’s kind of a pain – but I’m not prepared to quit doing it! I haven’t gotten them micro bladed, but after seeing the before and after pics, I’m seriously considering it!

If you could wake up in the morning and not have to paint your face on, wouldn’t that seem like a worthy way to spend your money? Imagine the time you could gain by not touching up your lipstick?

Carla especially loves to help people who suffer from alopecia, an autoimmune disorder that manifests itself as hair loss, and with cancer victims who lose their hair and eyebrows due to treatment.  Permanent makeup services are perfect for them- a thin eyeliner can be tattooed on the upper lid to give the appearance of lashes.

Before and after microbladed eyebrows

What kind of services can you get done at QC Studio?

As mentioned above, if you have a medical condition that resulted in the loss of your hair, you need to call Carla!

But for those of us who just need a little help, or who are strapped for time, she can assist us as well.

If you don’t want to apply your eyebrows every morning, Carla can help.

If you are inept and can’t draw a straight line on your eyelid so your eyeliner looks like you were drunk when you applied it, Carla can help.

If you tire of applying lipstick, or if your lips are naturally uneven, Carla can help.

If you want to add some freckles or add/darken a beauty spot, call Carla!

If you want Kardashian thick eyelashes, either for everyday or for a special occasion, you know who to call. I know Emily has already called dibs on Carla for next year because apparently, you need thick and lush eyelashes for grad! Among the ten zillion other things…

Basically, if you can dream it, she can probably do it – permanent makeup anyway!

Carla is located inside Brown Sugar Tanning and day spa at 2100 D Dewdney Ave. You can book an appointment here and consultations are FREE!

What do you think about permanent makeup? Interested or no way Jose?

Want to know who else in Regina is awesome at their job because they love what they do? Check out Todd at Flex Massage and Ryan at Strength Effect.


permanent makeup

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