Regina Red Sox Baseball Hits a Home Run!

The Regina Red Sox are Sliding into First Place

The Regina Red Sox are one of the hidden gems of our wonderful city. For less than the price of a movie, you can enjoy an afternoon or evening game at Currie Field. There’s nothing like a warm summer night and baseball under the lights.

The Red Sox play at Currie Field, which is on North Winnipeg Street.  Let me just say it’s way easier to get to than Mosaic Stadium.

I went to a Regina Red Sox evening game with my son Zach, his friend Chris, and my friend Kara. We arrived with plenty of time to get seated and then buy some snacks. We sat at the top of the bleachers, right behind home plate, and could see every play that was made. I actually don’t think there are bad seats at this field!

regina red sox baseball

The Game

The Regina Red Sox are currently in first place in the Eastern Division of the Western Major Baseball League, so we came expecting some excellent baseball. We weren’t disappointed.

The Regina Red Sox smoked the Moose Jaw Millar Express 9-0 thanks, in part, to a 3 run homer in the second inning.  The Red Sox pitcher did a great job of keeping many of the Millar Express players from even getting on base.

I noticed that it isn’t just local players that are playing for the Regina Red Sox; they have players from all over North America and beyond.


Can I just say that the prices at the concessions are amazing! I had onion rings and a bottle of water and it was $5! Five dollars! It would have been a crime to not enjoy some of the delicious treats. So we did.

Zach and Chris really appreciated the beer prices. At only $5 and with a built-in designated driver, they were able to enjoy all that the Red Sox had to offer!

Fun Activities between Innings

In between innings, there was not only time to grab a snack, but there were also activities for kids and adults. We got to watch some kids dressed like cows in a foot race, and later we sang “Take me out to the Ball Game” for the seventh inning stretch, both of which were fun.

The Red Sox also have what they call a Beer Batter. No, it’s not for your fish, it’s a designated batter for the other team who we really don’t want to get on base! If they don’t make it on base, all beer is 2/$8 for 5 minutes. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a beer sale at a sporting event, but I’ve never seen people move so quickly. The seasoned veteran fans obviously wait for this glorious event every few innings.

The Regina Red Sox also have a 50/50 draw. I can’t go past a 50/50 seller without buying a ticket (honestly it’s just a way to support organizations, not because I wanted to win…bahahaha). Sadly, I didn’t win. I hope whoever did win is enjoying their $400+…

regina red sox


Wanna watch some amazing baseball?

The Regina Red Sox are playing at Currie Field until the end of July when playoffs start. You can get tickets here.

Have you ever gone to Currie Field to watch the Regina Red Sox play? Leave a comment if you have!

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regina red sox baseball


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