Why struggle with communication when you can hire someone to do it for you?


Patti Haus business consultingBusiness Communication Consulting

Do you ever feel like your marketing strategy is like spaghetti? You throw money into Facebook ads, Google ads, print media, and various other platforms in the hope that something sticks to the wall. Your problem isn’t the platform; it’s that you don’t have a cohesive strategy.

I can help. I help people and businesses create a communication strategy that sticks. By figuring out your end goal, I can create a blueprint for your success.

patti haus business writing

Business Writing

My first foray into writing (other than the poems that I wrote for my kids, which, incidentally were awesome) was in business. I wrote policy, procedures, white papers, and correspondence. I’m trained in plain language writing, which is crucial for anyone writing documents for those who speak English as a second language.

Let me help you take your business communication from blah to bold. I can develop a strategy for all of your business communication so that you can build your client base, all without throwing money at various platforms hoping something sticks and you increase your sales. I can help you with your employee handbooks, manuals, and correspondence.

patti haus content creationContent Creation

Have you ever gone past the first couple of pages on Google? Have you wondered how the heck someone gets to page 1 or 2 on Google? A website with a blog gets way more hits on Google than one without, and that’s a fact. SEO (Search engine optimization) is Google looking for the best option for the person who is Googling something. Because websites with blogs add more content than those without, you are more likely to be closer to Google’s elusive page 1 if you have a blog, just because you are giving Google more topics.

Patti haus facebook ads

Facebook ads

Have you ever wondered why some businesses reap loads of business through Facebook ads, but some businesses (maybe you) struggle to get a couple of likes on your boosted post? It’s not the ad – although boosted posts are usually a waste of money – it’s your strategy.

An ads strategy will test different copy, photos, and audiences so that you spend your money generating leads, not providing another “sponsored post” that people thumb past on their way to the good stuff. Using a Facebook ads strategy will allow you to find and convert those cold leads before your competitors have the chance to do so.

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