Advertise on I Heart Regina

Advertise on I Heart Regina!

After careful consideration, I’ve decided to allow advertising on I Heart Regina! I am only one person and cannot tell my readers about every awesome business in Saskatchewan, even though I would love to!

In the interest of honesty, I will only allow advertising to products/services/businesses that I think my readers will love. My allegiance is to my readers, so I can only accept advertising for businesses I think they would love to hear about.

What Kind of Businesses?

I am looking for Saskatchewan based businesses who want to advertise to a primarily Regina area audience. My readers love Saskatchewan and enjoy visiting many locations around the province. They are passionate about local businesses, products, and services—and they love supporting them.

How Can You Advertise on I Heart Regina?

Looking to place your ad on I Heart Regina? Whether banner placements, sidebar ads, or custom options, I’ve got you covered.

I offer several different packages to suit every budget. Please contact me at for more information.