The Best Multicultural Restaurants in Regina

AKA How to travel without leaving the city

In Regina, we are incredibly fortunate because of the many options we have for eating out. And we are extra lucky because even if we can’t afford a holiday away from Saskatchewan, we can head to some fantastic restaurants right here in the Queen CIty that allow us to feel like we are getting a short vacation. I did another one of my incredibly scientific surveys among my peeps and found out where their favorite authentic multicultural restaurants in Regina are. I would love to hear if you have a disagreement.

best multicultural restaurants in regina


Travel to India by going to Caraway Grill

100% of my friends who like Indian food, love Caraway Grill. If you haven’t had Indian food and you like spicy food (I’m looking at you, dad!), I don’t know what you are waiting for! With favorites such as Tandoori Chicken (my personal fave), butter chicken, and naan bread, Caraway Grill will satisfy your desire to enjoy some Indian delicacies. Caraway Grill is tiny inside but the quality of the food is immense.

Instead of going to Thailand, go to Siam or Viet Thai

I am listing both of these great little restaurants because Viet Thai may not be as authentic as Siam, but it’s still one of my favorite places to go for lunch in Regina. The vermicelli noodle bowls at Viet Thai are the bomb (and super reasonably priced). I like to add loads of hot sauce for a spicy and delicious lunch.

Siam is an authentic Thai restaurant located on Hamilton Street. They have a delicious lunch buffet that’s complete with favorites such as pad thai and Tom Yum soup, and the dinner menu is even better. Delicacies like Khao Ob Sub-Pa-Rod which is essentially stir fry served inside of a whole pineapple will impress your friends and family. The prices are also very reasonable.

Mamma Mia, I like Italian food

There are a ton of Italian restaurants in Regina. Some are good and others are not as good. I’ve been going to Luiggi’s for years, and I think it’s one of the best. With homemade sauces and tons of gluten free options, Luiggi’s will likely please everyone. The caesar salad is one of the best I’ve ever eaten. Seriously. And they have a “masterpiece” that consists of 3 pounds of spaghetti, 3 pounds of meat sauce, and a half a loaf of garlic bread. If you can eat it, by yourself, in an hour, its free. I’ve never been able to convince anyone that I’m eating with to order that, but I would love to see it.

Enjoy Mexican food without the beach

I looooove Mexican food. Besides the beaches and awesome weather, it’s my favorite thing about Mexico. But I haven’t been to Mexico for several years, so I’ve been missing the food. Imagine my delight when I found out that a new restaurant called Chachalacas opened up in Regina. They originally opened in Regina Beach but came to Regina at the end of February. It’s authentic Mexican food, complete with homemade sauces. I went with my friend Kara, and we enjoyed delicious food with Mexican music playing in the background. I had chicken enchiladas and Kara had the fish tacos. Both were excellent and the portions were quite big.

best multicultural restaurants regina

Chachalacas Regina


Check out the Greek Isles

Regina has a ton of excellent restaurants owned by Greek families. It was hard to pick one, but I did it. One of my favorite restaurants in Regina is The Cottage. Dave and I’ve been going there for our anniversary for probably 22 out of our 23 anniversaries.  Maybe 21 – I think we were out of town for a couple of our anniversaries. The house salad is my all-time favorite greek salad. The dressing is so good I would lick my plate if I wasn’t in a fancy restaurant. I usually get the Chicken a’ la Cottage, which is a chicken breast stuffed with cheese and mushrooms. It’s so good. Dave swears by the caesar salad and the steaks. On the rare occasion that we aren’t completely stuffed after eating, we’ve had the baklava and it’s amazing. Light and fluffy with the sweet taste of honey and nuts. So good. If you are ever there on September 11th, say “hi”.

Is Canadian Chinese food even remotely similar to food from China?

I think the sign of a good Chinese food restaurant in Canada is whether or not people from China eat there.  I decided to do another of my scientific surveys by checking out who was eating at my favorite Chinese food restaurants. I found out that Peking House seems to have to win in that category. I actually heard about Peking House by a gentleman I knew who came to Canada from China. He ate at Peking House really often (like several times a week), and he convinced me to try it. He was right – Peking House is very good. It’s downtown – as so many of these great multicultural restaurants in Regina are.

American Food

When I think of American food, I think of burgers. I had a whole post on the best burgers in Regina, and one of my favorite places for a burger is Birmingham’s Vodka and Ale House. With specialites like the Doh-Nut burger and the Skirt burger, you will find something you like.

Best Canadian Food

Although I won’t usually advertise this, I don’t actually like poutine, so I went to my resident poutine expert, Emily, who says that Coney Island has some fantastic poutine. Weird poutine, but apparently it’s good. Think buffalo chicken or Italian Stallion poutine. I prefer just fries and gravy, but I can see the draw for those who enjoy melty cheese with their fries and gravy.

I do know that there are way better Canadian foods than poutine, but I think of Canadian food as all of the foods that I just listed, because Canada is multicultural. We are made up of people from every walk  of life and that’s Canadian food to me.

What are your favorite multicultural restaurants in Regina?

So, how did I do? Did I miss any of your favorite multicultural restaurants in Regina? Share in the comments and I might just have to try your favorites!




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