Hikes Near Regina

5 Amazing Hikes Near Regina

In this wide and vast province of ours, there is no shortage of amazing things to see. We have the Qu’Appelle Valley, lots of beautiful lakes, pretty crop fields that look like a picture, and tons more. I enjoy getting close to nature, seeing up close the beauty that is Saskatchewan. I’m excited to share some of my favourite hikes near Regina.

Dave and I’ve discovered hiking and we are enjoying finding some amazing trails to check out. It’s a great way to enjoy nature and get some exercise!

hikes near regina

Why Hike?

Despite the obvious health benefits, we didn’t take up hiking until recently. We were looking for ways to enjoy nature while still seeing beautiful things, and hiking seemed like an obvious choice. There’s something very relaxing about being one with nature, hearing only the sound of the birds tweeting away (ok that’s usually mixed in with the sound of my laborious breathing).

These hikes near Regina are hard enough to make you feel like you got a good workout, easy enough that you aren’t going to pass out, and pretty enough your mind won’t exclusively be on how much your lungs hurt.

Hiking at White Butte Trails

Excellent Hikes near Regina

My criteria for this article was that the hikes had to be outside of Regina but within an hour drive. I know there are tons of other excellent hikes outside of these perimeters, but those are going to have to wait for a future article.

Wascana Trails

A few minutes off of the Number 11 Highway between Regina and Lumsden is Wascana Trails. Wascana Trails is one of my favourite hikes near Regina, simply because there is something for everyone. The trails range from a difficulty of easy to hard, with most of them solidly intermediate. Wascana Trails looks like a mini Qu’Appelle Valley, with hills, a river, and some wildlife making their home here. We stopped to watch a few of the birds that were near the river (really, I needed a rest but the birds provided a great excuse!).

Watch for cow pies since a herd of cattle also make their home in Wascana Trails.

Wascana Trails is also excellent for mountain bikers.

wascana trails hikes near regina

Wascana Trails

Buffalo Pound Provincial Park

Buffalo Pound Provincial Park is home to several trails, many of which wind their way around Buffalo Pound Lake. The gorgeous scenery takes your mind off of the hills you are struggling to climb. Buffalo Pound Lake is long and narrow and you can easily see across the lake when you are hiking.

Nicolle Flats is also located at Buffalo Pound Provincial Park. A part of the TransCanada Trail, it’s an ecological area where you can see birds, buffalo, and other wildlife.

Buffalo Pound is open all year long and mountain bikers can take their bikes up and down the paths.

buffalo pound

Buffalo Pound Provincial Park

There are actually buffalo at Buffalo Pound Provincial Park!

Wakamow Valley

Wakamow Valley in Moose Jaw is classified as the bridge hike in my mind. We must have crossed half a dozen bridges during our weekend in Moose Jaw! The bridges spanned the Moose Jaw River, which meanders through Wakamow Valley. There are approximately 20 kilometers of paths through the urban park, so there’s no shortage of trails. We climbed high above the river, and it felt like we could see for miles!

You can make a trip to Moose Jaw, checking out the shopping, hiking, and restaurants.

wakamow valley

Wakamow Valley Moose Jaw


TransCanada Trail Near Lebret

Lebret is home to the prettiest little church in all of Saskatchewan. Looking over the village and the TransCanada Trail that winds through it, the church is no longer in service. We hiked up to the church, past the crosses that dot the rustic path. Your view of Mission Lake behind Sacred Heart Parish Church in Lebret is the reward for hiking the steep path to the little church.

The TransCanada Trail goes all along all of the lakes in this part of the Qu’Appelle Valley, and it varies between an asphalt path and boardwalk. As long as you stay on the path, it’s an easy hike. Once you go up those hills, it becomes much harder – although the view from the top is worth the hike!

wakamow valley hikes near regina

The view from the top at Lebret

White Butte Trails

White Butte is a pet-friendly easy hike you can do. White Butte is located between Pilot Butte and Balgonie. White Butte Trails is an easy trail filled with berries, birds, and insects. It’s also a cross country ski trail in the winter.

Special thanks to Andrew Bryant for his excellent advice on some of the best hikes near Regina!

hikes near regina

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  1. regina is an amazing city!! and the places around it are amazing too! not a big hike person, but if i ever want to start and experience a great place i would definetely go to these places!!

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