Regina’s Best Cinnamon Buns

Regina’s Best Cinnamon Buns

Cinnamon buns are the one of those foods that can be eaten for breakfast, for a snack, even for dinner if you are in a rush or are very, very lucky. If you read this blog, you may know that I am a lover of sweet foods, so obviously I love cinnamon buns.

I like to bake, but I have a yeast baking phobia. Unless I can whip it up in my bread maker, yeast does not get used in my house. It just seems like so much work to make something that may taste like crap. So I am always on the hunt for some good cinnamon buns.


Cinnamon buns originate in Sweden, where they actually have a National Cinnamon Bun Day (October 4th if you are thinking  of planning a trip…). The sweet cinnamon pastry can vary, with the addition of cream cheese icing, or other spices like cardamom, but they always have butter, cinnamon and sugar rolled into a sweet pastry.

I thought I would go on a mission to find Regina’s best cinnamon buns. You’re welcome. I forced (ha!) my family to assist me with this. They ate the gluten cinnamon buns and I got the gluten free ones. This mission was very popular in my house!

The Greenspot Cafe

Greenspot has a well earned reputation for making some of the best cinnamon buns in the city. Made completely from scratch in their kitchen, Greenspot’s cinnamon pastry are the perfect mix of fluffy and sweet. Served with a single pecan on top, the buns are made only on Wednesdays and Saturdays in their Hamilton Street facility.

Greenspot is a vegetarian restaurant that is open for breakfast and lunch. Plus, because cinnamon buns are best eaten with a delicious beverage, you can get a cup of coffee that is made with coffee beans that they roast themselves. I didn’t even realize that coffee bean roasting could be done in Regina…

You can get more information here on the Greenspot Café and their menu and hours.

regina-best-cinnamon-bun-greenspotGreenspot Café cinnamon bun

Kneaded Gluten Free Bakery

The Kneaded cinnamon buns are extra gooey, which happens to be just the way I like them. They sometimes come with caramel on top for an extra shot of goodness. In case you missed it, I did a whole post on Kneaded and you can read all about it here. Kneaded makes their cinnamon buns on Wednesdays.

Kneaded Gluten Free Bakery is located at 3725 Pasqua Street and you can visit their website here.

Tangerine: The Food Bar

Tangerine might be best known for their awesome and unusual food pairings, like a pork and chorizo burger on a house made sourdough bun, but they also have amazing baked goodies. Their cinnamon buns are but one of the many baked items that are made fresh daily. Fat and gooey, Tangerine cinnamon buns come complete with tons of syrupy goodness.

Tangerine bakes their cinnamon buns fresh on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Located at 2234 14th avenue downtown, they make everything from scratch.

Brewed Awakening

Brewed Awakening has locations at 3115 Woodhams Drive, Campion College at the University of Regina, 3410 Hill Avenue, 4801 Harbour Landing Drive and 3902 Gordon Road. All of their baking is done from scratch at the Gordon Road location, and you can tell it’s freshly made! They have something for everyone, with tons of gluten free options (not the cinnamon buns, but lots of cookies, muffins and cakes) and decadent goodies. They bake their cinnamon buns daily, so you don’t have to plan when you want to eat one. Yay! Of course, a place with the name Brewed Awakening has many coffee and tea options as well. They are even licensed so you can have some Baileys with your coffee.

I visited the bakery location when I purchased the cinnamon bun from Brewed Awakening, and it smelled amazing in there! The smell of baking cinnamon buns might be one of the best smells – I have no idea why they didn’t have the smell on a scratch and sniff sticker when I was a kid. There is no way that I could leave after smelling the fresh baking. My hubby tried their cinnamon buns and after he stuffed his face and moaned a bit, he said that they were perfectly cooked and deliciously gooey.

Those are my family’s favorite places to get cinnamon buns in Regina. What are yours? Leave a comment so we can check it out.


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8 comments on “Regina’s Best Cinnamon Buns

  1. I loved being the geunee pig on this one….I have always loved the green spot cinnamon buns…but I was willing to take one for the team and try some others…they were all really good but the green spot cinnamon buns are without the best of the bunch! That’s my 2 cents

  2. Would welcome you out to Susie’s Cinns in Emerald Park, to give our Cinns a try. We have several flavours depending on the day, but our regular classic are available daily and by 7:00 am. You could also try our Grilled Cinn and ice cream. A delicious treat.

    • I heard you moved even farther away! Yes, homemade cinnamon buns are awesome, but since I can’t bake them, I have to buy them 🙂

  3. Patti,
    Our family totally agrees with your picks and they are ours as well … in the same order. I know how hard you must have had to work to convince Dave to help you with your taste tests. He just hates food! lol

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