What Can you Buy at the Regina Farmer’s Market?

Visit the Regina Farmer’s Market for More than Fresh Veggies

I’ve been going to the Regina Farmer’s Market for most of my life. Growing up, my parents had a market garden, and twice a week, we would frantically pick the potatoes, corn, carrots, squash, and other delicious veggies to take into the farmer’s market.

It’s hard work running a market garden, especially 30 years ago (ok, it was more than 30 years ago…). You have to plant everything in massive quantities, then weed and water the budding plants, and finally you have to pick everything—and usually, the picking has to happen less than 24 hours before the market. And it’s a TON of work!

But it’s worth it because people in Regina love fresh produce.

To this day, I think that locally grown produce tastes better than the produce that is grown thousands of miles away and shipped. It’s only natural since the produce grown down south has to be picked green and then gassed in order to ripen at the right time. I’m not saying I never eat California produce—as someone who lives in a climate that only allows us to grow produce a few months out of the year, I have to eat non-local food if I don’t want to get scurvy every winter!

If you don’t believe me, try a fresh garden carrot and then eat one of those weird baby carrots. If you can tell me that you think the strange baby carrots taste better, I will send you to get your taste buds checked. Haha

In Regina, we are fortunate to have the Regina Farmer’s Market, which brings fresh produce and other food, along with locally made gifts, right to downtown Regina. Head to City Square Plaza on Wednesdays and Saturdays and wander the booths, shopping the freshest food you will ever come across.

I enjoy going to the Regina Farmer’s Market, especially in August and September. The produce is brightly colored and delicious tasting and the baking looks so good. I thought it might be fun to tell you some of the things you can buy at the Regina Farmer’s Market, which is located downtown in the City Plaza.

regina farmer's market


There’s an abundance of fresh produce right now at the farmer’s market. Potatoes, carrots, onions, dill, beans, radishes, kohlrabi, cucumbers, kale, chard, peppers, beets. If fresh fruit is more your thing, Rocky Acres Orchard has fresh saskatoon berries, rhubarb, and cherries.

Organic and regular produce is available at the Regina Farmer’s Market and the produce is always changing, depending on what’s in season. regina farmer's market


In addition, to produce, the Regina Farmer’s Market has tons of vendors selling everything from baking to meat to condiments. Buy some delicious toast toppings with jam and honey in good supply. If you are looking for something more unusual, Sweet Tree has preserves such as hot pepper peach jam, raspberry jalapeno jam, and rhubarb sangria jam. I’ve also seen pickled eggs, carrots, beans, and cucumbers at the market if you are in the mood for pickles that taste better than regular old Bick’s.

Reid’s Butchery has a booth set up with sausages, lamb,  beef, and pork, and Ottenbreit’s Meats has a variety of meat products including beef jerky and bratwurst.

Snacks are also abundant at the Regina Farmer’s Market. Casnin’s Ice Candy sells frozen treats, while Glow Juicery sells their fresh pressed juice. Sweet Tee also has delicacies such as sour cherry juice. Go Nuts has a variety of nuts (obviously), and Susie’s Cinns, The Cake Witch, and D’Licious Treats all sell baking items (I’ve tried Susie’s Cinns and they are the bomb!).

If you are looking for lunch, ready made food is a staple of the Market. You can grab a yummy drink, food from a vendor, or lunch from a food truck while you peruse the booths.

Many of the vendors have lunch or snacks available, and they are always rotating, so you are guaranteed to find something that will make you drool.

Best Food Forward often has delicious looking sandwiches, while Cuppa T has a variety of yummy drinks

Regina Farmer's Market_wascana flower shop

And More

In addition to the food at the Regina Farmer’s Market, you can buy jewelry, flowers, liquor and wine, dog treats, wood crafts, and knitted items. So stock your refrigerator and buy the gifts you were going to grab at the mall. Then spend the afternoon enjoying the fruits of your labour rather than fighting the crowds at the mall.

If you would rather shop in more of a party atmosphere, check out Market Under the Stars, which is taking place August 17 and 31.

What’s your favourite thing to buy at the Regina Farmer’s Market? Leave a comment to let us know.

Regina Farmer's Market

Regina Farmer's Market


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