How to Take Photos of Your New Puppy!

AKA How to Capture the Adorable Cuteness of a tiny Dynamo!

This is an unusual post for I Heart Regina. I didn’t have time to do anything exciting and blog worthy like hiking, shopping, or going to any great restaurants…because I was too busy getting a new puppy! We lost our wonderful pooch, Rexy, in May and the house just seemed so quiet so we began looking for a new companion, but nothing worked out. Then a few weeks ago, we saw this adorable face peering up at us from a Kijiji ad and we knew he was the one for us.

how to photograph puppies

The puppy was at the Saskatoon SPCA with his brother. At 14 weeks old, they came to the SPCA by way of an owner who had a change of circumstances. We applied for this cute little toy fox terrier, and they choose us! We zipped up to Saskatoon to pick up our new puppy and take him to his forever home. His name was Homie, and we decided it suited him so we kept that name for him…despite how it sounds. I”m not sure if you know my last name but it’s Haus (pronounced “house”), which means our new puppy is Homie Haus. I guess it’s fitting.

So today I’m going to share how to take photos of your new puppy.

Have a Fast Shutter Speed

Puppies are fast! And they don’t really understand how to sit on command (or pee, poop, or really do anything on command). I tried to make Homie sit where I wanted him while I moved into place with my camera. The only time it worked was when Homie was preoccupied eating grass and pine cones.

Make Sure You Have an Interesting Subject Matter

Ok, this one is easy because every puppy is adorable.

Have the Right Lighting

Photography is all about lighting, so go outside when it’s either overcast or during the very beginning or end of the day. An hour before the sun sets or an hour after the sun rises is typically the best lighting of the day. Harsh midday sun is the worst as it isn’t flattering, even for adorable puppies.

Get Down to Their Level

Puppies are small, especially Homie. Get down on their level by sitting on the floor or ground. It makes it more interesting and provides a better scale.

Editing Software is Your Friend

I edit all the photos I take but I had to do some creative cropping for this photoshoot.

Use a Second Person

This is where I messed up! Bring a second person to distract your very distractable puppy. Take treats or toys to draw their eyes to where you want them.

I’m sure having fun with Homie! Now that I work full-time from home, he’s my constant companion and I love working with him beside me. My productivity might not be the best, but it’s totally worth it!


how to photograph puppies

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