The Taboo Show is celebrating 10 years in Regina this weekend!

Taboo Show Regina

A few weeks ago, I posted about some of the lifestyle shows that are coming to Regina in February and March. I don’t know if you love these types of shows as much as I do, but I know that I really enjoy them. The types of things that are the theme of the shows differ, but there are a few things in common. First, there’s always shopping. Second, there’s always entertainment. Every show that I go  to seems to always have shopping and entertainment. Which pretty much makes it a great way to spend an afternoon or evening.


The Taboo Show – which is celebrating its 10th anniversary in Regina this year – doesn’t differ from this (un)complicated business model. They have shopping and entertainment. Oh, and they also have drinks, so  it might be a lifestyle show plus. It is called the Naughty but Nice Show.

I checked out the entertainment going on at the Taboo Show. The stage has something for everyone (everyone over 19 that is). There’s Body Heat, which is a male exotic dancing revue (not for you if you don’t like 6 pack abs), the Pink Champagne Girls, which is a burlesque show, some pole dancing, and a fire eating show. Every performance goes on stage every day at some time. You can check out the entertainment here.

Of course, there is shopping at the Taboo Show. I imagine that you can likely get anything you require. There are more than 40 vendors who can likely supply anything your heart desires. I checked out the exhibitors and the kind of shopping you can do is super varied. Lingerie, clothes, purses, and lots of other things. I noticed some exhibitors who are Regina based, plus a bunch that I didn’t recognize. so it gives you a chance to do some shopping at places that you already love, and at places that you haven’t heard of yet.


Everything from Mild to Wild

Here is a run down of what you can expect at the Taboo Show:

  • Male and female entertainers on the Taboo Stage
  • Educational seminars at the Desire Seminar Theatre
  • Drink Sampling at Taste of Taboo
  • Shopping at a variety of vendors

The Taboo Show has graciously given I Heart Regina a set of tickets so you can attend the show. It goes from mild to wild, so don’t be shy. You can either comment on this page or send me an email to to get entered for the free tickets. The deadline to enter is Thursday, February 23rd at midnight. The tickets can be used Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.

The Taboo Show runs February 24 through 26th at the Conexus Arts Centre during the following hours:

  • Friday, February 24th from 5pm to midnight
  • Saturday, February 25th from noon to midnight
  • Sunday, February 26th from noon to 5pm

If you aren’t lucky enough to win the tickets I’m giving away, you can buy them online here (and save some cash), or you can buy them at the door. You do have to be at least 19 years of age to get in, so bring your id.

I hope you enjoy the show!



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