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If you are a regular reader, you might know I’m incredibly proud to be from Canada and Saskatchewan.  And when I find other people who also feel that way, I get excited! So imagine my enthusiasm when I discovered a little shop called TWB Home Decor that not only carries tons of products made in Canada but that feature places in Saskatchewan…to say I was thrilled would be an understatement!

TWB Home Decor is the brain child of Michele and Robin Tremblay. Robin is an artisan of magnetic boards which he previously sold exclusively in art and craft shows, and Michele is his wife and partner. They purchased the small stand alone building in Emerald Park and filled it with art and craft objects because they saw a need for locally produced products where consumers could find decor items that weren’t made overseas.

During their many years of working trade shows, Robin and Michele created a network of other artists and artisans, and that’s where the majority of their products come from. They create many of their own products, like the magnetic framed boards that line the walls, but they also support other local Canadian artists by selling pottery, purses, jewelry, cards, pillows, glassware, decor items and much more.

A Great First Impression

I walked into TWB Home Decor and felt right at home. The displays are beautifully arranged and encourage you to shop. The displays are so nice it makes me want to buy everything and recreate it in my own house!

If you are really lucky, you might be greeted by 7 month old Koden, who volunteers along with his mom, Stephanie, Robin and Michele’s daughter. With his solemn demeanor and big eyes, he was the best greeter I’ve seen.

What can you buy at TWB Home Decor?

Framed MAGNET Boards

As I mentioned earlier, Robin makes magnet boards in his studio in Emerald Park. They come in a variety of finishes and the frames can be changed out to suit your style. They also have some unframed magnetic wall plaques that are perfect for someone with less wall space. They come with a set of unique magnets you pick out.

I loved this map of the world! You get a set of magnets that you can use to show where you’ve been in the world (or where you want to go). I need one of those maps!

twb home decor

Wall Art

The selection of wall art is fantastic! There are the aforementioned magnetic framed pieces, but so much more. Metal wall sculptures, an oak barrel clock, picture frames, and other wall art will make your home look amazing.

Local Memorabilia

One of the unique things about TWB is the products that are specific to Saskatchewan.  They have tons of products that you can use to show off your love of Saskatchewan. I first noticed TWB Home Decor on Facebook when one of my friends shared one of their posts. It was a pillow that said, “Life is better at Katepwa Lake”. It really resonated with me since my family used to have a cabin at Katepwa; a pillow brought back so many memories it’s kind of embarrassing!

If you have spent any time in the Regina area, you’ve likely gone to one of the lakes that are within an hour of the city. You can buy pillows, tea towels, and coffee mugs that show off your love of Katepwa, Last Mountain, Echo, Buffalo Pound, or Good Spirit Lake (among others).

This is a perfect gift for someone who:

  1.  has everything,
  2. used to live in the Regina area, or likes cool things.
  3. likes cool things.

TWB home decor



The pottery selection at TWB is fantastic, unusual, and interesting. I like pottery and check it out whenever I see it, but I’ve never seen any of the products I saw at this shop. All of the pottery is made in Canada – some in Saskatchewan.

twb home decor

Mugs and More

If you are looking for some unusual mugs or other kitchen items, look no further! With items like Saskatchewan mugs, beer bottle Canada beer glasses, as well as other serving items, you can be the hostess with the mostest after shopping here.

Kids Stuff

I’m not sure if you watched the video I made at TWB Home Decor, but one of the first things I noticed was the great selection of kids items. These dinosaur piggy banks look so fun I want one, plus there are wall plaques, books, and kids decor items.
twb home decor


You can not only shop the items on the displays, but you can shop the display stands. Like this cool canoe shelving unit, which makes me wish I had a cabin (for the second time in this post).


TWB Home Decor sourced Saskatchewan made fudge from the Chocolate Moose Fudge Factory in Moose Jaw and they have a great selection! And they give out samples if you need to try before you buy! They also have some spice mixes and maple syrup.

Other Fun Stuff

I fell in love with these animal ottomans (ottomen?). Incredibly durable, they are a fun accent piece. You can choose from different animals to suit your decor, such as elephants, rhinos, and hippos.

There are also purses, slippers, and jewelry for those with great taste, and complete your gift purchases with fun gift bags and cards.

TWB Home Decor

TWB Home Decor

If you are looking for something unusual for your home or cabin, or if you have a hard to buy for person in your life who could use a reminder of home, I highly recommend TWB Home Decor! It’s in Emerald Park. Check out the bypass project and take the first exit into Emerald Park. TWB is on the service road that runs parallel to the Number One highway, and it’s in between Tim Hortons and Dairy Queen.

You can follow TWB Home Decor on Facebook.

And if you want to check out the Facebook Live video I did from TWB, check out  the I Heart Regina Facebook page (and like it while you are there!)

Have you been one of the first to visit TWB Home Decor? What were your favourite things—if you could pick out just one or two! Let me know in the comments.


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  1. I purchased two Life Journey frames at Brandon Trade Show many years ago.I live in Bassano AB.The kids loved them and now I need 2 more.I would love to get to your store but it won’t be before Xmas.I bought more at your booth then anywhere else at the trade show,I totally love your pictures and everything.Is there a chance you would ship 2 of them.What is the price now,.

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