Where to Find The Freshest Fresh Produce in Regina

Produce is Abundant Right Now So Enjoy It!

If there is one thing that I love about this time of year, it’s the availability and abundance of fresh produce in Regina. I thought it might be fun to give you some of the places you can find the freshest and best produce.

freshest produce in regina

Go Straight to the Source

For some of us, going to the source of the freshest fresh produce in Regina means going out the back door to their own garden; for me, it means visiting my mom or mother in law to beg for some fresh carrots, dill, or corn.

If you aren’t so lucky, you can head to one of the many market gardens that are located in Southern Saskatchewan. The Lumsden and Craven area has several market gardens that sell right there. You are guaranteed to buy something that was only picked a few hours or a day ago.

You can also find great fresh produce in Regina if you stop by the roadside stands that pop up this time of year. Often selling Taber corn or BC fruit, the produce is usually picked only a few days ago.

Regina Farmer’s Market

At this time of year, the produce is bountiful at the Regina Farmer’s Market. Everything looks colourful, and tastes even better. Eating locally grown produce tastes so good! We go as often as possible to the farmer’s market and always bring home some delicious treats.

Dad’s Organic Market

Located on Victoria Avenue, Dad’s Organic is a little market that is full of yummy stuff. The produce is all organic, and there’s a wide variety of other delicious organic products. Plus I love the atmosphere of Dad’s Organic – it feels like an old fashioned market, with friendly staff and no giant lineups.

Nature’s Best Market

The Nature’s Best Market is located on 14th Avenue. They have a yummy juice and smoothie bar, fresh bread products, a wide variety of gluten free products, and a pretty good selection of organic produce.

Where is Your Favourite Place to Find Regina’s Freshest Produce?

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