Why is the Milky Way so Loved in Regina?

There is a tradition in Regina. It’s not officially spring until the Milky Way opens up.

I went to the Milky Way when I was a kid. We would pull up to the Sherwood Credit Union where my parents did their banking. The old wood paneled station wagon didn’t have air conditioning but we didn’t mind because we always got to run next door to the Milky Way. We would stand in the line-up for what seemed to be hours to get a soft serve ice cream cone with sprinkle dinkles on top. The sprinkles coated the ice cream and it was the best taste ever.

My brother, who lives in Red Deer, still has to go to Milky Way every time he comes to Regina. Come to think of it, he rarely comes when Milky Way isn’t open…

I still enjoy the Milky Way – although I can’t eat as much of it as I could as a child. I thought I would tell you why I think it’s so popular.

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It’s a Regina tradition

The Milky Way set up shop on Victoria Avenue 61 years ago. It is still in the same location, with the same red and white paint that beckons you to get off of your stinking diet and get some ice cream. How many businesses last for that many years? And for a business to survive while only being open for half of the year is a testament to the popularity.

They have really, really good ice cream

I think the ice cream must be a closely guarded secret. Nobody else seems to be able to recreate the smooth and creamy soft serve ice cream. They make soft-serve cones, sundaes, milkshakes, cyclones, and banana splits.

Photo credit: Milky Way on Instagram (the_orig_regina_mw)

They have a different flavour of the day every day

My friend Karli loves the pistachio, and I know some other people who love the banana. I love when they have maple soft serve ice cream. It’s so good! They change the flavour of the day every day – no waiting until they sell out of whatever they put in the soft-serve machine. They also have a flavour of the week for their cyclones.

The ice cream cakes are completely custom

Think of everything you might want in an ice cream cake and you can probably make it at Milky Way.

You pick the crust: Chocolate chip cookie dough, oreo, brownie chunks, waffle crisp, walnuts, the list is 18 items long. Then you pick the first ice cream layer, with sundae toppings and candy. Then you pick the second ice cream layer, again with sundae toppings and candy. So you can have a chocolate peanut butter crust, with boo boo bubble gum ice cream, chocolate and marshmallow syrup and smarties, and then with cotton candy ice cream, butter rum and peach syrup, topped with brownie chunks. I’m pretty sure you can create something way better, but I think you get the idea!

What is it about this Regina Institution?

I enjoy new things, but I have a soft spot for tradition. There is something comforting about revisiting a place that’s been around for a long time. I enjoyed the Milky Way as a child and will probably be enjoying Milky Way pistachio or maple soft serve ice cream when I’m 90.

So tell me your favourite thing to enjoy from Milky Way. Leave me a comment – if it takes me a while to get back to you it’s because I’m probably standing in the line up at Milky Way!


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  1. We have now changed our favourite ice cream from milky way We now like a sunday with a combo of saskatoon and marshmallow Absolutely delicious and fattening

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